Roleplays with AI buyers to sharpen call tactics

booking more meetings

impactful first 10 seconds

checking buyer priorities

quick discovery

showcasing expertise

Practice that gets your BDRs & AEs call ready within days, not months.

Keep them in-sync with changing product value props & buyer priorities, without repetitive manager effort.

The Power of AI to Ensure Your Team's Sales Readiness

Make Every Conversation Count in the Era of 'Buyer-led Sales'


#1 Rehearse sales calls without wasting real leads

AI buyers based on your ICPs for reps to practice, as many times as they need

Realtime voice AI based roleplay with the prospect of your choice
Get comments on your roleplay by an AI coach which helps you improve

#2 Guidance that mirrors your in-person coaching voice

Get your reps going with practically useful handholding, instead of bombarding them with statistics

#3 Work on situation-specific tactics, not generic fluff

Go deep into what may work and what may not when faced with given situation on actual calls

Get feedback on situation specific pointers, rather than Gong like statistical parameters (talk to listen ratio etc.)
learn tactics from experienced sellers or Linkedin influencers you follow

#4 Boost call confidence with access to proven sales tactics

Enact plays from experienced sellers & latest trends, or customise your own

Endorsed by the Best Sales Leaders & Reps

  • "I like that Aspiro can take insights from something like case studies and translate them into a coachable format."

    Jay Singh

    Cofounder, LambdaTest

    Jay Singh
  • "One can learn sales only by doing rather than just soaking up information & hoping that it will turn into something on a call."

    Kristian Kjaersgaard

    Senior BDR, Atomi

    Kristian Kjaersgaard
  • "Aspiro solves the most ignored yet real problem for reps: improving themselves without depending on managers."

    Tariq Ahmed

    Global Sales Leader, Sprinto

    Tariq Ahmed
  • "I like how Aspiro also covers the behavioural aspects to guide reps."

    Yashvanth Rajendran

    Sr. Director Sales, Freshworks

    Yashvanth Rajendran
  • "I’m the biggest advocate for this, because I see the pain that SDRs go through when managers tell them to figure it all out themselves."

    Sandeep Shekhar

    Sales Coach, Sprinto

    Sandeep Shekhar
  • "Reps have a hard time doing what others tell them or copying the top reps. It’s never the real conversation. But not with Aspiro!"

    Ben Witkowski

    Business Development, Sastrify

    Ben Witkowski
  • "Aspiro ensures rep readiness throughout the sales cycle. That makes coaching proactive rather than reactive."

    Meheir Jahezian

    SDR Manager, Edlio

    Meheir Jahezian
  • "Aspiro could take away a lot of burden from my plate as a sales leader."

    Rahul Wadhwa

    Director of Sales Dev., Avataar

    Rahul Wadhwa
  • "Post onboarding, reps are just thrown into the battlefield. There’s no focus on updating skills. Aspiro can make a big dent there."

    Samanyu Kasukurthi

    SDR, Nektar

    Samanyu Kasukurthi
  • "I’m blown away with how it replicates the nuances in actual sales conversations!"

    Kunal Sharma

    Sales Manager, Mettl

    Kunal Sharma

Pricing Plans


Upto 3 team members

Unlimited roleplays
(Fair usage)

Up to 2 Buyer Company profiles

Pre-made roleplay templates

Pre-made user tracks


monthly per user


Unlimited team members

Unlimited roleplays
(Fair usage)

Up to 10 Buyer Company profiles

New or customised roleplays as per need

Create your own user tracks



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